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'Wild Teens' Programme - Out There Wilderness Academy


Out There Wilderness Academy, ‘Wild Teens’, is a transformational

programme for youth ages 13–15, or specialist groups of other ages/disabilities. Our programme consists of outdoor alternative education and optional counselling support from specialist counsellors, helping young people to get back on track in school, at home and in the community.

As well as developing life and employability skills, young people will engage in physical activities aimed at improving fitness, confidence, team skills, and social skills. Throughout the programme we help to build communication skills and teach strategies for coping with difficult situations, anger management and emotional control.

This programme is suitable for young people who are:

  • Struggling to engage and stay in school

  • At risk of suspension leading to exclusion

  • Struggling with family and relationship issues

  • Finding boundaries to be a challenge

  • Experiencing low-level mental health issues

  • Engaging in risky behaviours

  • Getting involved in anti-social behaviours

This non-residential programme is provided over six weeks, 1 day (10am- 3pm) a week during school term time, where time spent on the programme is counted as time in school.

DATES: to be confirmed

Cohort 1:

Cohort 2:

Cohort 3:

Cohort 4:

Costs are usually £420 per child but subsidised places are available for those from looked after backgrounds, funded via the National Lottery Communities fund. Please contact us to discuss


To refer a student to the programme, please fill out our online referral form and return via email, or send diretly to our postal address:

214 Carden Avenue, Brighton Bn1 8LG

For additional information, click here to download our flyer.

The Lymley Wood programme kindly acknowledges the Wilderness Foundation for the above content.

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